About MMJ Biosystems Philippines

Established on the 30th of June, 2004, the company burns with passion and drive to succeed and out-do themselves each time. MMJ Biosystems Philippines, Inc. is focused on achieving greatness by supplying the medical, clinical and academic districts with products that speak only of superiority and excellence—from Agilent Technologies Company for DAKO Denmark A/S, Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI), ZEISS Microscopy, BIOCARTIS (Belgium), BIOBASE (China), BIO-OPTICA, KOKUSAN, and Bradley Products, Inc.. As this is the mission, the company sees itself being customer-centric, only primarily putting forward and concentrating on what every client needs, perceives to need, and suggests—with a rapport and relationship of harmony and synergy.


MMJ Biosystems Philippines, Inc. thrives in dynamism, quality and service. With potent knowledge in trade, import, and distribution, hospitals, health clinics, infirmaries, research and development laboratories, and university departments are provided with an assortment of medical, diagnostic supplies and equipment that would surely make the difference in function, maintenance and repair needs.


Diversity and flexibility is what the company is about. To name a few of their services, MMJ Biosystems Philippines, Inc. accepts cleaning and repairing microscopes of any brand and supply halogen lamps and bulbs of the same apparatus. Mending non-refrigerated and refrigerated centrifuges and its calibrations are one of the service-provider’s capabilities and capacities. Moreover, with regards to blood bank refrigerators, incubators, oven, sterilizers, and other hospital equipment with a refrigeration system, MMJ Biosystems Philippines, Inc. sees no problem in granting the resolve to any of the issues, problems and concerns their customers might have. Currently, the company has a vast clientele of government and private laboratories and hospital and research laboratories and universities in and around the metro, even extending to offshore provinces—from Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, to name only a few.